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Tyler Kuhk, MN, ARNP

Tyler is a proud member of the nursing profession. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Lakehead University (Canada), initially working in critical care and cardiac intensive care. He then pursued a Master of Nursing degree from the University of Toronto (Canada) and transitioned into the nurse practitioner role, where he now specializes in pulmonology. His role includes the care of hospitalized patients (mainly patients with respiratory issues and those leaving the intensive care unit) and ambulatory patients with a variety of issues like asthma, COPD, chronic cough and interstitial lung disease. More recently Tyler has been following patients with PASC (long Covid) as well.

During the course of his career, Tyler has become passionate about combating health related misinformation, mainly related to vaccines and more recently COVID-19 and has built up a large Tik Tok following. He was also involved in the COVID-19 vaccination roll out at his organization where he was able to vaccinate hundreds of patients. Tyler’s passion extends to the clinical setting where he loves taking opportunities to educate patients – whether it be about their disease process, health promotion/prevention, or even debunking myths about vaccines (specifically influenza and COVID-19 vaccines!).

Outside of work, Tyler is an avid traveler (when Covid permits). He will find any excuse to get on a plane and visit somewhere (whether it’s Las Vegas or Europe). He also loves food, food and more food (and he will try anything once!). Of course with food comes the need for staying fit, and prior to the pandemic he was an Orangetheory Fitness fanatic! Recently, however he has fallen in love with his Peloton which has become a part of his regular routine. He also loves dogs and his current pride and joy is his pug, Titus. He is also a proud Canadian, now transplanted into the USA.


Nathan Peiffer Smadja

Nathan Peiffer-Smadja is a physician specialised in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, a fellow of the French Society of Infectious Diseases, a PhD candidate in Public Health and a Honorary Clinical Research Fellow at Imperial College London. He is currently living in France where he has been working on the Covid-19 Vaccine.


Daniela Ferreira





Rômulo Neris



Leticia Monin

Leticia Monin is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Francis Crick Institute, in London. Her research focuses on the development of the immune system and immune mechanisms controlling diseases (including Covid-19) at mucosal sites. Leticia is originally from Uruguay, where she studied for her BSc in Biochemistry and her MSc in Molecular and Cell Biology. She then moved to the University of Pittsburgh, USA, where she received her PhD in Immunology.  

At the onset of the pandemic, Leticia and many of her colleagues reoriented their work to contribute to the understanding of Covid-19. Specifically, she has been involved in studies geared at understanding the differences in the immune response in people affected with severe vs. mild/asymptomatic Covid-19. More recently, she has participated in studies to characterise the response to both infection and SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in cancer patients.

Leticia loves the outdoors and being active (particularly HIIT and yoga). She is also an avid reader and has a strange fascination with horror films. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan.


Dr Vicky Baillie

Vicky是南非疫苗和传染病分析(VIDA)研究部门的高级研究员。Vicky在微生物学和分子生物学方面有着丰富的实验室经验,目前是南非牛津-阿斯利康疫苗试验的首席科学家之一。她也是监督索韦托Chris Hani Baragwanath学术医院进行的几项Covid-19监测试验的科学家。


Dr Michael Mrozinski

Dr Michael is a General Practitioner based in Australia. He graduated from the University Of Glasgow and worked as a GP before moving to Melbourne. He also works as a senior lecturer/tutor at Monash University and has a passion for teaching. During the pandemic he has been working on the front line, administering vaccines and working in fever clinics as well as his general practice work. He has also been helping fight the misinformation on social media for the last year and has been a regular on ABC news in Australia as well as featuring in national newspapers. 

Michael completed a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine and has represented Scotland and Australia as a national team doctor, working with the under 17s, 19s and 21 football teams. He has been the medical lead for over 20 football tours and has worked at 2 Commonwealth games. Outside of work, he enjoys watching and playing football. He has a passion for music and sings and plays the piano and guitar, and he even made an appearance on the X factor UK in 2013!


Sean Elias

Sean Elias是牛津大学詹纳研究所Covid-19疫苗试验团队的一员,既在实验室工作,也是SciComms团队的一员。







Michael Mina


Dan Epstein


TV Venkateswaran


Prof Madhu Gupta


Beate Kampmann


Jason Kindrachuk


Soizic Courcier


Victor M. Corman


Sherry Wren


GISAID Initiative


Kamran Zaman


Arindam Ray


Sheuli Porkess


Arthur Caplan


Vipin M. Vashishtha


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