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These volunteers are making short videos on TikTok and Instagram to explain their part in the vaccine effort.


Jess A

Jess is a Registered Nurse of six years, working in a level 1 trauma center in the United States of America. She is currently finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and will start a Master’s Degree in Nursing with emphasis on education this coming winter.

As a registered nurse, she is passionate about providing reliable information and educating people about the COVID-19 vaccines. Since the start of the Pandemic she has built up an impressive following on Tik Tok, countering misinformation and helping individuals make an informed and confident decision about receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. She has also volunteered at the COVID-19 vaccine clinic in her state and has enjoyed being part of the solution.  

Jess is a mom and spends most of her spare time playing dinosaurs with her little boy, but she also tries to keep active and likes to play tennis. She is of Hungarian, Native American, French and German descent, and enjoys finding out about her ancestors, as well as learning about other cultures and world history.  She lost her father 5 years ago to Dementia, but counts herself lucky to have her mother, brother, sister-in-law, niece, and son as close family support.


Jeanine du Plessis

Jeanine du Plessis is a medical scientist working at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Analytics (VIDA) research unit in South Africa. Currently she is working on multiple Covid-19 related studies including sentinel hospital surveillance, adult and paediatric Covid-19 associated mortality study and the Oxford vaccine trial – ChadOx-1. She has laboratory experience in forensic toxicology, microbiology and molecular biology.


Dr Monica Peres Oikeh

Dr Monica Peres Oikeh, is A General Practitioner currently working in cork, Republic of Ireland. She is a graduate of trinity college Dublin.  As a GP,  she looks after patients of all ages and genders. She is passionate about health promotion and uses social media- Tiktok and Instagram to deliver health tips.  She believes now more than ever, people should be able to access credible sources of information regarding their health. She is also working with the Department of Health in the Republic of Ireland to facilitate this and is one of the doctors administering the Covid19 vaccines in vaccination hub.

Monica is Nigerian Irish. Pre-pandemic her favourite thing to do was to hop on the plane and explore a new country ( 5 continents and counting), but she has recently got a lovely dog called Maya and now loves to spend time with her instead. She also loves cooking, learning new languages and spending time with family.


Faith Uwadiae

Faith Uwadiae is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Francis Crick Institute in London. Her research is within the field of immunology and focuses on understanding the link between malaria and a type of cancer called Burkitt’s Lymphoma. She started her scientific career by pursuing a BSc in Biochemistry at King’s College London, before undertaking an MRes in Biomedical Research and a PhD in Immunology, both at Imperial College London. 

Currently, Faith is also an Early Career Representative for the British Society of Immunology’s Forum, working to raise issues and ideas to create policy change to shape UK immunology. Faith is passionate about improving racial diversity in STEM and does whatever she can through university and public engagement lectures, events, articles and social media. 

Outside of work, Faith spends her free time doing science in other ways: homebrewing beer and baking with a blog to document these food adventures. She is also obsessed with podcasts and recently became a lockdown cyclist – and she loves it. 


Samantha Vanderslott

Samantha Vanderslott is interested in public attitudes to vaccination, for routine vaccines and during outbreaks, as well as vaccine policies, in how these differ across countries and time. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began she has been researching views about potential vaccines and the increase in misinformation and disinformation.

Samantha is a health sociologist based in the Oxford Vaccine Group, at the University of Oxford, UK. She has worked there for the past four years following her PhD in Science and Technology Studies at University College London. Her research mainly uses qualitative methods and concentrates on health, society, and policy topics.


Dr. Eric Burnett

Dr. Eric Burnett is an associate professor of clinical medicine at Columbia University Medical Center. Eric is passionate about medical education, and has several years of experience teaching preclinical and clinical medicine to medical students and residents. Eric has been serving as a frontline COVID physician since March of 2020.  

Eric has been using his social media accounts to educate the public on the COVID-19 vaccines. He has also been using his accounts to combat dangerous misinformation surrounding the vaccines. 

Eric is a native of New Jersey and currently living in NYC with his husband and dog. Eric enjoys cooking, baking and hiking. Eric is fluent in English and Spanish. 


Dr Meenal Viz & Dr Nishant Joshi

Dr Meenal Viz, Dr Nishant Joshi and baby Radhika are the Joshi trio who have been campaigning for healthcare workers throughout the pandemic. Last year, during the first wave of the pandemic, Dr Meenal Viz was the pregnant protester outside Downing Street when Radhika was a foetus. The protest gained worldwide media attention and now Meenal and Nishant hope to use their platform to spread positivity, hope, and help clear any misunderstandings around the vaccine. Changing the world one TikTok at a time!

Nishant works in General Practice and has played a big role in working with local communities to start important dialogue around the vaccines. He has seen the impact of the virus on ethnic minority groups and has been working closely with community leaders to share informed messages around the vaccine. Meenal has been working from home with Radhika, focusing on campaigns to help inform women who are either pregnant, planning to be pregnant, or breastfeeding to make informed choices around the vaccine.

Outside of work, Nishant is a bassist and writes songs about social injustice with his band, The Palpitations (and Baby Radhika is Nishant’s biggest fan). While Meenal has her own podcast, ‘Meenal’s World’, where she interviews trailblazers every week and hopes to educate and empower women across the world. 


Dr Anita Raja

Dr Anita Raja is a NHS General Practitioner based in Birmingham, but born and bred in Germany to a Persian mum and Pakistani father. She is a vaccinator for the Covid-19 vaccine effort in the UK and is actively involved in awareness raising around Covid-19 in Urdu. 

Anita is multilingual, speaking Urdu, Persian, and German. She is also an ex-TV anchor for Pakistan Television. Anita is passionate about health awareness, especially in BAME communities, and empowering people by giving them the right information.

Outside of work, Anita is mum to Nirvan and Rumi, enjoys Turkish and Persian cuisines,  loves House/Electronic music and reading books.



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