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Esses voluntários estão fazendo vídeos no TikTok e no Instagram para explicar seu trabalho na busca pelas vacinas contra a COVID-19.


Tyler Kuhk, MN, ARNP

Tyler is a proud member of the nursing profession. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Lakehead University (Canada), initially working in critical care and cardiac intensive care. He then pursued a Master of Nursing degree from the University of Toronto (Canada) and transitioned into the nurse practitioner role, where he now specializes in pulmonology. His role includes the care of hospitalized patients (mainly patients with respiratory issues and those leaving the intensive care unit) and ambulatory patients with a variety of issues like asthma, COPD, chronic cough and interstitial lung disease. More recently Tyler has been following patients with PASC (long Covid) as well.

During the course of his career, Tyler has become passionate about combating health related misinformation, mainly related to vaccines and more recently COVID-19 and has built up a large Tik Tok following. He was also involved in the COVID-19 vaccination roll out at his organization where he was able to vaccinate hundreds of patients. Tyler’s passion extends to the clinical setting where he loves taking opportunities to educate patients – whether it be about their disease process, health promotion/prevention, or even debunking myths about vaccines (specifically influenza and COVID-19 vaccines!).

Outside of work, Tyler is an avid traveler (when Covid permits). He will find any excuse to get on a plane and visit somewhere (whether it’s Las Vegas or Europe). He also loves food, food and more food (and he will try anything once!). Of course with food comes the need for staying fit, and prior to the pandemic he was an Orangetheory Fitness fanatic! Recently, however he has fallen in love with his Peloton which has become a part of his regular routine. He also loves dogs and his current pride and joy is his pug, Titus. He is also a proud Canadian, now transplanted into the USA.


Mellanie Dutra

Dr Mellanie Dutra is a biomedical graduate from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), and has a Ph.D in neurosciences. She is currently a Postdoctoral fellow in Biochemistry at UFRGS. She has also been working in the field of Science Communication, specifically around COVID-19, since the beginning of 2019. She currently coordinates the COVID-19 Analysis Group, a national network of volunteer researchers working on COVID-19 pandemic which she set up in February 2019. 

Mellanie is a member of InfoVid group, UPVacinas and Todos Pelas Vacinas. She’s accustomed to doing media work with newspapers, TV, Radio, Podcasts, and live streams, in an effort to explain the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines as a safe and reliable public health tool. 

In her spare time Mellanie enjoys watercolour painting. She also plays guitar, likes to read books about science and loves to eat pizza! 


Dr Monica Peres Oikeh

Dr Monica Peres Oikeh, is A General Practitioner currently working in cork, Republic of Ireland. She is a graduate of trinity college Dublin.  As a GP,  she looks after patients of all ages and genders. She is passionate about health promotion and uses social media- Tiktok and Instagram to deliver health tips.  She believes now more than ever, people should be able to access credible sources of information regarding their health. She is also working with the Department of Health in the Republic of Ireland to facilitate this and is one of the doctors administering the Covid19 vaccines in vaccination hub.

Monica is Nigerian Irish. Pre-pandemic her favourite thing to do was to hop on the plane and explore a new country ( 5 continents and counting), but she has recently got a lovely dog called Maya and now loves to spend time with her instead. She also loves cooking, learning new languages and spending time with family.



Dr Beachgem10 is a Paediatric emergency medicine physician with a niche in disaster preparedness. She has publications related to Kawasaki Disease and Asthma management in kids.

As an emergency medicine doctor, she has learned how to break down complicated information into terms people can easily understand, making higher level research publications accessible to anyone. Seeing COVID-19 in patients daily, she feels strongly that the COVID-19 vaccines will prevent kids from suffering. 

She is a mom to four kids and is constantly working to balance her time between her passion for her work and for her family. Her husband has been at her side throughout her education and is now the ringmaster of the family circus! 


Dr Anita Raja

Dr Anita Raja is a NHS General Practitioner based in Birmingham, but born and bred in Germany to a Persian mum and Pakistani father. She is a vaccinator for the Covid-19 vaccine effort in the UK and is actively involved in awareness raising around Covid-19 in Urdu. 

Anita is multilingual, speaking Urdu, Persian, and German. She is also an ex-TV anchor for Pakistan Television. Anita is passionate about health awareness, especially in BAME communities, and empowering people by giving them the right information.

Outside of work, Anita is mum to Nirvan and Rumi, enjoys Turkish and Persian cuisines,  loves House/Electronic music and reading books.


Professor Galit Alter

Galit é professora de medicina na Harvard Medical School, onde é especialista no estudo de anticorpos. Seu laboratório, localizado no Instituto Ragon de MGH, MIT e Harvard onde ela é Líder de Grupo, estuda respostas imunes aos candidatos à vacina Covid-19 para ajudar na concepção e seleção daqueles que darão mais proteção contra a doença. Duas vezes premiada com o prestigioso Prêmio Massachusetts General Hospital Research Scholars, Galit foi eleita membro da Associação Americana de Microbiologia em 2019.


Dr Soha Albayat

Dr. Soha Albayat é Chefe de Vacinação no Ministério de Saúde Pública do Qatar e líder nacional da equipe de atletismo Covid-19. Soha também faz parte do comitê de planejamento de vacinação e acompanha regularmente os desenvolvedores e fabricantes de vacinas da Covid-19 para manter-se atualizada sobre o progresso dos testes.


Rômulo Neris

Rômulo é biofísico e doutorando em Imunologia e Infecção pela Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Ele estava estudando na Universidade da Califorina-Davis nos EUA antes de retornar ao Brasil durante a pandemia para ajudar na pesquisa do novo coronavírus. Seu trabalho se concentra na compreensão dos mecanismos que fazem nosso corpo desenvolver imunidade contra o Sars-CoV-2 e as razões pelas quais algumas pessoas desenvolvem doenças graves enquanto outras experimentam sintomas leves.



Acompanhe os pesquisadores que trabalham para tornar essas vacinas contra o coronavírus seguras e eficazes.


Mary Kesteffens


Antoine Flahault


Debasis Nayak


Vipin M. Vashishtha


Rajeev Venkayya


Prof Katie Ewer


Dr. Krutika Kuppalli


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Ragon Institute


Jyotiranjan Sahoo


Ritudhwaj Tiwari


Sanchit Neema


Dr Sanjay K Rai


Você também pode ajudar

Milhares de voluntários em todo o mundo estão se inscrevendo para ajudar a testar essas vacinas para garantir que elas sejam seguras e eficazes.

Saiba onde se inscrever para ser um voluntário na testagem de vacinas


A Equipe Halo é uma iniciativa para apoiar e celebrar a colaboração entre cientistas de todo o mundo para nos ajudar a acabar com esta pandemia através de vacinas seguras e eficazes.

'Halo' significa 'auréola' em português e representa o anel da ciência que circunda o globo.

Toda participação é voluntária. Se você está envolvido na busca de vacinas contra a COVID-19 e gostaria de ser listado neste site, entre em contato.

Team Halo was established as part of the United Nations Verified Initiative in partnership with The Vaccine Confidence Project at the University of London’s School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It is proud to collaborate with the Vaccine Alliance and GAVI. Support is provided by Luminate and IKEA Foundation.