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These volunteers are making short videos on TikTok and Instagram to explain their part in the vaccine effort.


Dr Katrine Wallace

Dr. Wallace holds a Ph.D. in Epidemiology and has 15+ years of professional research experience in epidemiology, research design, pharmacoepidemiology, health economics, outcomes research, and biostatistics.

She is currently working as an epidemiologist and adjunct assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health.

​Dr. Wallace also serves as a consultant to non-profit health organizations, the pharmaceutical industry, and managed care companies. 

She has been an invited speaker in the US and internationally, and has presented research at over 20 scientific congresses.

Dr. Wallace has also been featured in several mainstream media outlets such as; Good Morning America, National Public Radio, and Parade Magazine


Dr Sarah Merrifield

Dr Sarah Merrifield is a Doctor and Clinical Lecturer in Manchester. In her role as a General Practitioner, Sarah is proud to be part of the Covid-19 vaccine delivery effort in her local area. She has provided medical cover for vaccination sessions, answering queries, and providing support when needed. Having seen the worry that some of her colleagues and friends faced, she set out on a personal mission to deliver evidence-based information about the vaccines on social media.

Sarah is passionate about education, has a postgraduate certificate in Medical Education and is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  Sarah is keen to ensure medical information is communicated in a way that is easy to understand and authentic. She won a science communication prize a few years ago with a talk on “Ben Stiller’s Prostate”. 

Sarah began her career as a GP receptionist, which inspired her application to Medical School. After graduating from the University of Sheffield in 2011, she continued her postgraduate training in Yorkshire, gaining full qualification as a GP in 2019.  Sarah has undertaken a variety of work during her career including providing medical cover for a field trip to Ecuador, blogging and demonstrating anatomy.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 bunnies. She normally partakes in lots of travelling, amateur dramatics, pub quizzing and theatre trips. She cannot wait to get back to these as soon as possible. She is a proud northerner from the UK and currently lives in Manchester.


Shamaila Anwar

Dr Shamaila Anwar is a Science Communicator and Team Halo Guide. She has a PhD in epidemiology and a background in health research and is interested in understanding health inequalities and improving health and science literacy through community engagement.

Her work during the COVID pandemic has focused on understanding societal views about vaccines, the impact of misinformation and disinformation and how to effectively communicate health messaging to underserved communities.


Dr Nathan Spence

Dr Nathan Spence is an NHS doctor and clinical tutor working in Oxford. Specialising in Geratology, he looks after the most vulnerable and frail patients in the hospital. Tasked with working on the front line since day one of the pandemic, he knows first hand the devastating effects that COVID-19 has had on individuals and communities. With degrees in Medicine and Pathology, he creates informative social media content with a humorous twist. Nathan has been a Teaching Associate at Oxford University for 4 years, and has developed a knack for communicating medicine in an understandable and accessible way. 

As a front line clinician, Nathan is responsible for helping his patients, and their relatives, to make informed decisions about COVID-19 treatment and vaccination, based on his experience and knowledge. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it misinformation, which he has observed first hand causing much anxiety and confusion. Both on the wards and on his social channels, he engages those with questions and concerns about vaccines directly, aiming to provide a trusted source of information and clarity. 

Outside of medicine, Nathan is the least Irish sounding Irishman you’ve ever heard. He’s a keen rugby union fan and a qualified referee. With a near encyclopaedic knowledge of pubs in Oxford, he’s very much looking forward to the end of lockdown!


Dr Soha Albayat

Dr. Soha Albayat is Head of Vaccination at Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health, and national lead for the Covid-19 track and trace team. Soha is also on the vaccination planning committee and regularly follows up with covid-19 vaccine developers and manufacturers to stay updated on the progress of trials.


Nathan Peiffer Smadja

Nathan Peiffer-Smadja is a physician specialised in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, a fellow of the French Society of Infectious Diseases, a PhD candidate in Public Health and a Honorary Clinical Research Fellow at Imperial College London. He is currently living in France where he has been working on the Covid-19 Vaccine.


Dr Vicky Baillie

Vicky is a senior researcher at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Analytics (VIDA) research unit in South Africa. Vicky has extensive laboratory experience in both microbiology and molecular biology and is currently one of the lead scientists on the Oxford-AstraZenica vaccine trial in South Africa. She is also the scientist overseeing several Covid-19 surveillance trials taking place at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital in Soweto.


Dr Anna Blakney

Dr. Anna Blakney is Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia and a former research fellow at Imperial College London.  The Blakney Lab is a multidisciplinary group of engineers, immunologists and molecular biologists investigating the interactions between RNA, biomaterials and the immune system to prevent and treat disease.  During the pandemic she focused on vaccine formulation and testing to determine whether it was safe and immunogenic. 

On top of her long hours in the lab, Blakney wants to help spread accurate info about the vaccine. “I think, as academics, we have a duty to educate not only other students and scientists but the public as well,” she says. “I think it’s largely changed now but, at the beginning of the pandemic, the lag time between what was going on with the science and the public knowing about it was really long. So I made it my mission to get the word out there.”



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