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These volunteers are making short videos on TikTok and Instagram to explain their part in the vaccine effort.


Purvi Parikh

Purvi Parikh, MD, FACP, FACAAI is one the investigators for the Covid-19 vaccine trials at the New York University Vaccine Center.

Purvi is an adult and paediatric allergist and immunologist at Allergy and Asthma Associates of Murray Hill and is currently on faculty as Clinical Assistant Professor in both departments of Medicine and Paediatrics at New York University School of Medicine.

She is an avid vaccine champion with the UN Foundation’s vaccine program Shot@life.  She is highly passionate in health policy and travels to Washington, D.C. multiple times per year to speak with legislators to influence health policy.


Natali Serafin

Natali Serafin a research scientist working at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Analytics (VIDA) research unit in South Africa. Natali’s expertise includes project management, epidemiology, and clinical medicine. She is currently managing a sentinel Covid-19 surveillance taking place in Soweto.


Dr Katrine Wallace

Dr. Wallace holds a Ph.D. in Epidemiology and has 15+ years of professional research experience in epidemiology, research design, pharmacoepidemiology, health economics, outcomes research, and biostatistics.

She is currently working as an epidemiologist and adjunct assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health.

​Dr. Wallace also serves as a consultant to non-profit health organizations, the pharmaceutical industry, and managed care companies. 

She has been an invited speaker in the US and internationally, and has presented research at over 20 scientific congresses.

Dr. Wallace has also been featured in several mainstream media outlets such as; Good Morning America, National Public Radio, and Parade Magazine


Dr Anita Raja

Dr Anita Raja is a NHS General Practitioner based in Birmingham, but born and bred in Germany to a Persian mum and Pakistani father. She is a vaccinator for the Covid-19 vaccine effort in the UK and is actively involved in awareness raising around Covid-19 in Urdu. 

Anita is multilingual, speaking Urdu, Persian, and German. She is also an ex-TV anchor for Pakistan Television. Anita is passionate about health awareness, especially in BAME communities, and empowering people by giving them the right information.

Outside of work, Anita is mum to Nirvan and Rumi, enjoys Turkish and Persian cuisines,  loves House/Electronic music and reading books.


Christina Kim

Christina is an oncology nurse practitioner with a background in biochemistry. She has been a nurse practitioner at the Massachusetts General Hospital for 11 years in both acute care and ambulatory settings. She carries a strong background in basic molecular and cell biology, as well as the care of acutely ill patients in a large academic medical center.

Christina actively manages the clinical care of high risk cancer patients in her day to day job. She has a vested interest in ensuring her vulnerable patients are educated in the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. She also regularly works in the monoclonal antibody clinic where she administers these therapies to high risk COVID-19 positive patients.

Christina is a mother of two young kids, ages 2 and 4, and is married to her wonderfully supportive husband, Dave. She enjoys anything related to true crime, cooking/baking competition shows, and CrossFit (when she has time!). She takes great pride in being a first generation Korean-American, and is passionate about racial justice issues.



Coley is a qualified Adult and Specialised Community Public Health Nurse. She is currently working in Primary Care as a General Practice Nurse and has a special interest in Paediatrics, Respiratory Medicine/Asthma, Wound Care and Cervical Screening. 

Coley became very unwell in April 2020 after contracting Covid-19 and was briefly in hospital. While recovering she saw a lot of misinformation on-line about the pandemic and this led her to set up her TikTok channel and use her voice as a healthcare professional to try and get more evidence based information out there. She’s been particularly effective in providing information about the vaccines to a younger generation and finding innovative ways to make vaccination more accessible for them.

Coley works in her local vaccine centre and is proud to be part of an amazing team within the NHS making positive steps to a future outside the pandemic, one vaccine at a time. Outside of work she loves to find different crochet projects to make and then hide as part of random acts of crochet kindness. She loves to read, and to sing, and loves spoiling her three cats and spending time with her girlfriend. Once restrictions allow, she’s looking forward to travelling again, catching up with family and friends, and getting back to doing more of what she loves!


Dr Bnar Talabani

Dr Bnar Talabani is a scientist and Wellcome Trust Fellow (Immunology) and a Clinical Academic Trainee (Nephrology & Transplant Medicine). She is currently doing a PhD in immunology looking at the role of inflammation in organ injury and scarring. 

Bnar helped to set up Muslim Doctors Cymru, a grassroots network of over 60 doctors across Wales, who provide information about Covid-19 and the vaccines in a range of languages, including Urdu, Pashtu, Punjabi, Bangla, Kurdish, Arabic, and Somali. The network also works with local authorities and mosques to build trust with local communities. 

Bnar speaks Kurdish & English. She was born in Northern Iraq and moved to the UK as a refugee, aged 10. She now lives in Wales with her husband and 3 year old daughter. She loves exploring the outdoors, cooking and spending time with family. 


Jeanine du Plessis

Jeanine du Plessis is a medical scientist working at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Analytics (VIDA) research unit in South Africa. Currently she is working on multiple Covid-19 related studies including sentinel hospital surveillance, adult and paediatric Covid-19 associated mortality study and the Oxford vaccine trial – ChadOx-1. She has laboratory experience in forensic toxicology, microbiology and molecular biology.



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